And The Libertine Ommegang Beer Dinner Winner Is...

Thanks to all the creative City of Ate readers for the excellent winter beer ideas in the Libertine Ommegang Dinner giveaway.

Shane, obviously a fan of the classic comedy A Christmas Story, had several tasty ideas with witty names, particularly the Yellow Snow quad with orange peel and Thai chilis and the Scut Farkus Yellow Eyed Eisbock with rye and grapefruit peel.

Matt went with a zinger of a one-liner that also appealed to our love of porters as well as our love of fatty pork with "the abdominabal snow man: a dark porter with real bits of pork belly." Get it? Abdominal? Belly?

And Melinda J. made such a sales pitch for Rudolph The Red-Nosed Ale Beer that it might just inspire our next homebrew: "A smooth red ale brewed with cuddly fuggles hops and toasted caramel malts. This 8.5% beer is what turned Santa's straight, black beard to it's trademark curly white. Grab a pint and get close to some mistletoe and you'll be set to spread some holiday cheer."

But Yukon Cornelius, with several well thought-out fantasy beer suggestions and great punny names, takes this contest.

Stocking Stuffer Stout -- Imperial stout brewed with black patent malt for a bigtime smoky flavor and roasted Kona coffee beans to make sure you're wired as you quickly wrap gifts, I mean, wait for Santa.

Hop In My Sleigh IPA -- A seriously dangerous IPA brewed with Comet, Chinook, Glacier and the wonderful Cascade hops. Bitter and swift with an IBU of 500 and an ABV of 12%, you may want to let somebody else take the reigns after this one.

The Three Weissmen -- A highly sagacious wheat beer brewed with real frankincense and myrrh. After a few of these, you'll need to find your own manger.

The Room's Spinning the Dreidel -- What better way to spend Hanukkah than with this kosher quadruppel. Brewed by rabbis, this beer will make even the most reserved mensch raise their glass and shout "Mazel tov!"

Let's Get Blitzened -- Named for the most rebellious of Santa's crew, this Imperial Rauchbier is a load at 15% ABV. Not for the faint of taste, this roasty brew is packed with all sorts of smoked adjuncts from barley to pine needles to give it real backbone. This one will turn your nose a whole new shade of red.

The Three Weissmen and Let's Get Blitzened are especially great beer monikers. Congratulations to Yukon Cornelius, and a big thank you to the Libertine for offering the tickets.

For those who didn't win, there is a silver lining: Tickets for the five-course, five-beer dinner are still available, at $50 plus tax apiece. But you must call 214-824-7900 or stop by the bar to secure your space, as reservations are required.

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