And The Winner Is...

It was an unusually frantic week at City of Ate, thanks in part to those [expletive deleted]'s at Lazare, but more to our own tedious blogging software, which one day decided--all on its own--to block all comments.

Still, we had a lot to work with. And if we were giving away prizes, these fine folks would win either a book entitled Quantum Wellness, a 'survival kit' from Austinuts or what's left of a bottle of Jack Daniel's I opened on the day our software went on strike.

Instead, these comments get nothing (but our admiration):

Always thoughtful when it comes to beer, Tedo ended a response to Hophead with this: "The reason I love craft beer over wine is that is more accessible than fine wine. I can pick up a great world class bottle of beer for 5 or 6 bucks, vs what I would have to pay for a great bottle of wine."

When I mentioned that our Pairing Off rules allowed for wine only, The Big Guy wondered: "Can you pair the donuts with wine, but drink the wine out of a stripper's navel, and eat the donut off of her breast?

Is that allowed?"

Finally, in the discussion of Leslie Brenner's assessment of dining in Dallas, we have the following excerpts.

Reified Beans: "New Orleans offers something lacking in most restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas: a sense of place. New Orleans food is an outgrowth of local culture and traditions. When you have resources like that to draw upon, you don't need to travel to Morocco and Hong Kong for ideas."

Billusa99:  "We are, I am sad to decide, destined to be defined by the fickle 500, trending to the next place. Why else would Rathbun be serving "comfort food" after all??!!"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.