And The Winner Is...

As you know, each week we highlight some of our favorite reader posts--an idea we began sometime back in the hopes of giving away prizes, then dropped, then kinda stole from Leslie Brenner when she started doing it (without prizes) on Eats.

Too much to choose from this time around. Thoughtful posts from a Mr. Drayton and a Mr. Von Danger, a clever string of pre-adolescent rhyming words from runDMC...could keep going.

Instead, will limit our non-prize-winning options to these two:

Luscher (the real Luscher, by the way) responded to our list of words we'll never use by writing "personally, i'd like to see someone say 'tasted like ass' a little more often."

Let's see...that rump roast tasted like ass. Not bad.

And this from luniz, responding to the same topic: "Major props of course for 'to die for'...I've read that so damn much lately that the next person who says that to me will probably get a faceful of me yelling at them. 'Really?? You would fucking DIE for a damn prepackaged, cornsyrup and canned fruit pie with a non flakey crust and overly sweet goopy filling?' 'You would literally walk away from every friend, every family member, everybody and everything you've ever loved, and lay down in a ditch AND DIE for freaking gnocchi? Sucks to be your loved ones!'"

Now that is one freakin' great rant. That's why we're big luniz fans here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.