And The Winner Is...

We've stopped trying to give things away, but we do like to call some attention to clever/accurate/downright impressive comments posted on City of Ate. So our favorites from the past seven days, no prizes attached:

From TLS, in response to the Question Of The Week:
"The Costco sampling stations are always crowded and the employees who man them look like they hate the human race. I usually hate the human race by the time I'm in the check-out lane too."

We feel the same way, TLS.

From Christopher, in response to Dude Food:
"I tend to idolize the meatballs as golden brown orbs of delicious dead animal triumphantly plopped atop the pizza as if to say--BEHOLD, I GIVE YOU MEAT!--and so I dismissed your frustration as finicky. But I suppose that you could also look at the same meatballs instead as hoarding and burdensome oppositions to fulfilling what the Germans call Rindfleischlust--why not meat everywhere?; make it a meatzza; let no bite be without meat!"

Lurid, poetic, dramatic...what a great comment.

Also from Christopher, in response to same:
"I believe that all men should be cautious of hubris. History has provided countless warnings: Icarus, Homer's Achilles, Carrot Top..."

We love references to the classics.

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