And The Winner Is...

Only the Dewhurst Bill raised enough hackles to general award-getting comments this week...although Margie scored points with this, excerpted from her comment posted in response to our coverage of the food and bands at Taste of Addison:

Foreigner? Scary.

Both the runner up and winner posted on D magazine's SideDish--and both in regards to the Dewhurst Bill.

Runner up, Michael H, wonders:
Why does wine always get special legislation? They should go ahead and throw beer into that mix as well because there are just as many places where you can't [get] certain beer. But, beer always seems to be left behind.

But the winner, by a narrow but definite margin, was one PotNet, who pushed the bill to a logical end:
I now propose The PotNet Bill, which will allow customers in Texas to carry their own food into a restaurant. It's a free country, so why should I have to limit myself to the food a restaurant chooses to serve?

PotNet ironically wins a small pot for either indoor or outdoor plants. It came to us filled with cookies on a stick but, for some reason, is now just an empty vessel. Probably not worth the trek to our office, but if PotNet has a yearning to grow a sprig of parsley or maybe a couple dandelions--and save a buck or two--come on up.

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