And The Winner Is...

This is our final working Friday of the year. The decade, too, I guess.

Yep--taking the 25th and 1st off. The 24th and 31st, too. We're gonna lounge around at home, drink quite a bit and pass out on that futon we hope to buy at Target if we managed to save enough cash after that last Goody Goody spree.

So after this prize-less competition, we will tally up the points and declare three of you the year's biggest, most consistent non-winners...although, as you are well aware, no one ever really wins by reading City of Ate.

Oh--except that once we've tallied everything, we will actually have prizes for the aforementioned three. We have set aside more than a dozen cookbooks, a coffee book of Phil Romano's artwork, an apron stolen from The Mansion and a few other odds and ends. Each item has an estimated value of $100, more or less (depends on who does the estimating).

Now, on to this week's non-winning comments:

After flipping through the slideshow, DallasDude burst into near rhapsody: "One of my current favorites, Samar makes me giddy. I never wish to see the word brulee used again unless it is prefaced with the words 'foie' and 'gras'. I could subsist on the crispy jamon serrano for the rest of my days."


Can't remember the catylist, but Worzel Gummidge responded with this: "Twisted Root decided that the type of cheese used on a burger mattered. No more yellow pus from a plastic bag, replaced with blue cheese with a name."

Worzel, that's one of the greatest descriptions of commercial-grade cheese we've ever come across.

A post on snow ice cream caused this to pop into knottygirl's mind: "My poor sister finally moved up North and she raced out her door in excitement at the first snowfall (of what would be months and months of snowfalls). She made that first bowl of snow ice cream and called my mom: 'That stuff is terrible, why did we like it?"

May have to give that stuff another try, just to find out.

We liked these two because of their musical bent. From Handsome Lance Manion: "'Cougars' and the Valet Gestapo. -Hey, that would be a good band name." And from TLS, who became the first (and hopefully last) to quote a certain band: "'Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound' - Queensrÿche."

Continuing with some random tidbits from the comments pages...tijbbari: "Are petit caronas the tapas of cigars?" cp: "Sorry, the beans taste like dirty dishwater." michaela0416: "Bring back the Ethiopian food craze!" luniz: "I also miss the time I used to think sushi in this country could be good. Stupid Japan." DallasDude: "Seriously? A babyshower? My wolfpack is now short one dude." TLS: "That looks like someone's ass with a shirt around it."

TLS goes one better with this observation: "These fruitcake posts are exactly like fruitcakes; you can't get rid of them and you need a hell of a lot of booze to tolerate them!"

So we drive a reader to drink. Done it before. Never, though, have we been accused of mastermining the Cowboys' annual December swood--that is until Brent D turned on his computer one day: "Surely you're aware the Cowboy's decline isn't because of December, but it actually started with these 'Unverified Facts' posts. Bulletin board material, you know. I'm surprised Richie's not all over this. Dave, aren't you actually the anti-Cowboy-undercover-scrum-dude?"

Without question, however, the week's top non-winning comment goes to threesheets: "i'd quit eating onions, but then i'd have to start sitting down to pee."

Good way to end a year of comments.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.