And The Winner Is...

So many interesting comments this week.

If we were still trying to give out prizes, one of these people would have walked out of here with an empty bottle of Knob Creek bourbon, sent that way by the folks in Kentucky as a means of illustrating how high demand affects availability.

We now hate them.

Now on to the things we like:

Handsome Lance Manion, commenting on a Short Orders piece about Uptown Pub: "A place like this does not need great food, there are good restaurants in walking distance. It just needs cold beer, VERY stiff drinks, and perhaps a bowl of pretzels or peanuts. I do, however, worry about someday falling through the floor at this place."

As does everyone, HL.

Bjorn, writing in with a question in response to our new toque v toque feature: "do people really eat at Taco Diner? the one in West Village is not good (cold food, bad service, douche bags, overly salty, warm margaritas, no seating, etc)."

Hmm. Cold food, bad service, douc...um...

THE#1Chowhound on a post regarding some legal dispute: "I really don't care who got what when, just keep the good tapas, paella, oxtail stew and affordable wine flowin' my way on Travis!"

Yep, Chow. That's kinda the way we feel. One of the reasons COA tries to avoid pander to the celebrity idea (with mixed success). Don't care who owns it or who's in the kitchen or how long they had to put off their child's immunization shots in order to pay rent, just as long as the food is good.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.