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And The Winner Is...

Who knew our two demented artist types--Patrick Michels (of Pairing Off art fame) and Alexander Flores--also had a talent for shameless which I mean marketing.

This week they designed a line of blog-related apparel. My favorite item? The Dude Food trucker's hat.

Great prize idea--except that Michels and Flores aren't really the "let's skip lunch, put together a business plan and contact that production facility in Slovenia" kind of guys. Nope, they're more, um, "let's skip lunch 'cause they have $3 margaritas" types.

So, once again, no prizes this week--which is too bad, considering the great crop of non-winners:

We like it when readers react to our work. But this week's Top 10 addendum launched djs into a sudden and violent response. Or, as he/she put it: "that sound you heard was me throwing up my lunch."

Speaking of violence, the mere mention of Tanya Tucker's heartfelt performances caused TLS to issue threats: "I will have to hurt you if Delta Dawn gets stuck in my head." Of course, she may have been thinking of Helen Reddy's version. Remember that one, TLS? The way she sang "did I hear you say/you were a-meetin' him today" still sends shivers up the esophagus.

TLS doesn't win twice this week, thanks to this response to Pairing Off: "I specifically remember being told to never order Wendi's chili because of all of the old burgers and what-not that ended up in each batch. But now that you are pairing it with germ killing alcohol I just might give it a try." DallasDude was also intrigued by the wine pairing, though not enough to follow through: "As DallasDude prepares for a Terlingua pilgrimage, I should pay close attention. But I might get my ass kicked by old bikers for bringing a case of cab sav to the chili cook off."

Brent D., responding to Veggie Guy, posed some interesting questions: "'ethical choice to follow a vegan diet' Does that indicate that those of us who aren't vegans have a lower standard of ethics? 'Corn tortillas' and 'I'm good?' The raising of corn, which has a questionable ethics of production, is certainly debatable. Come on, Eddie...anyone, in a metropolitan area, who can only find five places to eat is just trying to be a pain in the ass."

MekhongKurt's response to If Memory Serves was not violent, but rather personal: "My Mom's reaction to boiling kidneys to this day remains 'open every window and outside door, turn on the attic fan, and I'm outta here.' Though she does chow down with considerable gusto." One chevytexas added historical perspective to Handle The Proof: "Surely we recall the libertines at the communard uprising, flinging flaming pre-Molotov cocktails of chartreuse at the gendarmes in the streets of Paris? Absinthe flambe'. Mad Dog 20/20 flambee'. Rums de Cuba flambeeee'."

And we'll give gm the final slot for this response to Dude Food (so it's too bad we don't have the hat): "Avila's is AMAZING. From the margaritas to the food, to the service it is so my favorite Mexican place. Last time I went there I tried to order in Spanish, they sent over a non-Spanish speaking server. LOVE the attitude, too."

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