And The Winner Is...

An interesting week, all in all--and one in which we were reminded, once again, what makes press releases so damn fascinating.

But first for the runner up. We like this one because, no matter how one chooses to interpret it, the comment sends shivers up the adductor magnus:

"Alien Secretions lead to alien excretions." (From 'chevytexas' in response to this week's Girl Drink Drunk.)

The winner, however, comes from a press release about the suddenly "oft-traveled" chef John Tesar, who may be best off running his own restaurant, on the planned opening of same. Actually, it's a purported quote from the chef:

"I identify with the sea there so completely and it's companionship with our modern steak concept though I look forward to opening my first eponymous restaurant in Texas."

Couldn't agree more, even if we knew just what he meant. Either the chef or his publicist is welcome to run our lobby gauntlet to pick up this week's price, a 1.5 ounce shaker of McCormick crushed red pepper--which, after all, identifies with the sea and its modern steak companion...or something.

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