Eat This

And The Winner Is...

We must admit something. We've devoted this week to work...which is to say sipping Champagne on the terrace at The Mansion and slugging vodka at Nick & Sam's Grill. We also have a vague memory of proposing to Nancy Nichols.

Anyway, we haven't had a lot of time. Therefore this week's awards are based on a cursory reading. We did, however, find a moment to add some new features...

There were a few comments that caught our attention, such as this, posted in response to our Girl Drink Drunk column by an "Andrea":
Oh, my milky white thighs are a-trembling with memories of the Belmont.

The always intellectual "Christopher" added some detail and much serious thought to this week's (Un)sound Bites entry.

But because we're football--in all forms but meaning 'soccer' just now--fans here, we present this week's award to "Worzel Gummidge," who added this to the 10 Questions segment with Vincent Chaperon of Dom Perignon:
The top French soccer players play in the English Premiership so that they can afford Vincent's wine!

Mr. Gummidge wins a jar of vanilla jelly (or, as it says on the label, "gelee de vanille"), sent to our office by some producer or grocery chain--can't seem to remember. Of course, since one must trudge up to the plush but heavily guarded Observer offices to claim their prize, we expect to take it home ourselves.

Other awards (the aforementioned added minor features)

People we want to shake hands with:

  • Karen Robinson-Jacobs for making restaurant news so interesting.
  • The creators of Special 1 TV on Setanta Sports because it's hysterical.
  • Kenny Cooper for the game winner against Toronto.
  • Chris Zielke who added some great new cocktails to Bolsa's menu.
  • Nickie, our waitress at Nick & Sam's Grill, for daring to argue about football.

People we want to sissy-slap:
  • Dick Cheney because he's getting creepier. And he won't go away.
  • Alice Waters for her appearance on 60 Minutes last month, amongst other things.
  • Glenn Beck for the weeping episodes.

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