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And The Winner Is...

Such a week--people congratulating us, berating us, questioning the sexual orientation of those who post and comment, and pausing with us to praise shit on a shingle. Wouldn't have it any other way.

A good prize this week would have been some bottles of that Texas whisky. Unfortunately we couldn't rightly give such a prize without bothering to check ID. Besides, they didn't give us a bottle, just a few tastes from it. And if anyone leaves a bottle, it somehow winds up in Wilonsky's office--and no one dares go in there to fetch it back.

So, nothing once again for the non-winners. Too bad, for it was an active week, as you see here:

A few one-liners to start with. Our favorites include this, from Viewing from nowhere commenting on the Top 10 list: "Do any of the old timers from Joe Miller's still hang out at Louie's? They probably all got sober like the great Jim Atkinson who literally wrote the book on dive bars."

We get all weepy when hearing sobriety stories. What a waste.

Amongst the long list of comments under one Veggie Guy column was this, from Jamey: "This thing has already gone on too long, but I've apparently already ruined my reputation(?), so why not keep it going?" And this, from Anonymous: "Mein Kampf still sells in bookstores. what's your point?"

Don't really know how and why food blog posts stray into the realm of personal reputation or the Third Reich. But we think the comment by Anonymous could be used in just about any situation. Have a meeting with the editor later and plan to hit him with it.

Another Anonymous (we think) had this to say: "BuzzBrews on Lemmon has to be the only place I've ever been where the waiters (4) outnumbered the patrons (3), and it still took 15 minutes to get a refill of Diet Coke. If you're the manager of Buzz Brews and you're reading this, FIRE EVERYONE. Thank you."

Nice and polite. Like it.

DallasDude had a strong commenting week, which included this: "At 3.99 you can never go wrong with the new Cabernet Sauvignon by Yosemite Road Vineyards from the geniuses at 7-Eleven. That and the confection from Mars, a handful of Fun Sized Snickers (otherwise known in some circles at 'petite matière fécale') and you have a party that would be difficult for any magnet school student to refuse a ride in your non-descript, white 1988 Chevy van." 

But it comes down to two choices for this week's presentation of nothing. Responding to How
'Bout Them Knockers, Mike explained: "Sounds like the time I ordered Domino's. What a mistake. But they have this cool thing where you can track online the progress of the pizza, from order to making to in the oven to out for delivery. Nice thing to do ONCE. Almost."

We like a certain uncertainty at CoA.

And, again, DallasDude: "Vickery Park has too many fat chicks from SMU to be considered on any list. I know, I know, the fat chicks have to go somewhere. But if you are going to send the porky contingent, at least send a few hot ones to run cover."

Guys, we got nothing for you.

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