And The Winner Is...

"2500 lbs of chili and less than 600 beers? Somebody was way out of whack on the beer to chili ratio."

A comment left by "Brent D." in response to this week's On The Range piece, which touched on the lowdown bit of bribery used to ensure that chili became the official state dish. We like this comment because Brent D. recognized two inherent flaws. At least we think he did, and that's what matters. First, 2,500 beers for 600 pounds of chili would be a more reasonable and appropriate ratio. Second, our elected officials don't have the backbone to hold out for more beer. Geez--caving in after an offer of 600? If we were in charge, we would have threatened to make Quiche Lorraine the state dish unless the chili reps delivered the entire St. Arnold's brewery to legislature.

Brent D. would have won the chance to slam Tabasco brand tequila shots with Wilonsky had Wilonsky not finished off the bottle. So instead he wins a metal lunch box that once held press materials for the Blue Collar Bar (and still has an authentic Blue Collar Bar sticker on the front). It has a fully functioning handle and an almost certainly secure clasp. A very cool item, if Brent D. happens to work construction in the 1950s.

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