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And The Winner Is...

So we could have awarded just about everyone posting comments to Eddie Garza's piece this week on the waterborne controversy at Bliss. Just a few examples:

bc: "In unrelated news, I'm going to live in a hyperbaric chamber filled with angel farts. Living angel farts."

Handsome Lance Manion: "Ever since they built DART, in fact, this city has been a cesspool of what I call the "WD-40 Cold Prickly Phaetono Influx Capacitor Factor." This best way to fix this problem is to have the trains run only in a pure East to West direction on the left while at least 9 passengers per train hum in the key of G to counterbalance the earth's North-South polarity weighted with our local irregular Leppert-Omega-Jerryjones waves."

Linkless Bob: "There isn't even any point in making a snarky followup comment. It's just boggling."

But we did find some equally thoughtful/brilliant/snarky posts elsewhere. Our Top 10 list on food in the Dallas suburbs erupted into an Us vs Them bash up, which caused Bad_Ike to intervene: 

"What does all these vitriol back and forth between city and suburb dwellers have to do with food or drink? All you're doing is showing your hypocritical "snootiness" toward one another. Shut the f*ck up, the lot of you, and get back to the fact that this is a food blog, not your self-rationalizing soap box."

Thanks Ike. You're part problem solver, part counselor and part Marine drill sergeant. We like that.

Then there's TLS, who admitted this--"I like to request 'Girl from Ipanema' when I'm there"--in regards to accordion music in Plano beer halls. Another reader, Pickle-Tini2, revealed this quirk: "Hey, I just love saying the word: chilaquiles! It's a happy word!"

Indeed. And that's enough. Remember--no actual prizes, even though a few new giveaways came in this week--including a cookie cookbook and a pair of sunglasses (which we found on Wilonsky's desk).

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