And The Winner Is...

So much to choose from this week.

We loved everything about this post on the blog Eating in Dallas by one Margie. It was passionate, provocative...and unfortunately about a month old. Another blogger, this time Dallas Eats, went on quite a wonderful tirade. But she also writes for City of Ate.

But we did have two worthy comments posted here on our site, one by a "Benjamin" and another by an "Eric." Both have their merits. One takes enough offense as to suggest a vested interest in the topic--while claiming we've somehow attacked Pernod. Not the case; we exposed a poorly trained representative. In fact, I have two bottles of Pernod at home. The other admits to being a blank slate when it comes to such things--although an indignant blank slate. We like that he (assuming by the name, but on the Internet, who really knows?) berates us for not describing the food or posting irrelevant observational stuff about the event...in a series devoted to alcohol. And both prefer to have distortion unchallenged.

We suppose years of Rush, Sean, Ann Coulter and Mark Davis have done their damage. Some Americans find bliss in the repetition of faulty tales, whether it be in regards to politics or alcohol. Whatever, we have a tie.

Benjamin and Eric win a DVD copy of A Colbert Christmas (sent to Wilonsky for preview purposes which 'somehow' found its way to our desk) Unfortunately, we only have one copy, so...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.