And The Winner Is...

In a short post-holiday week (as you no doubt remember, last Saturday was National Bacon Day), it takes us a little while to get back in the groove. Not so the City of Ate readership, however.

Keep in mind we still want to find a way to award prizes. Just this week we recieved a gift certificate from Premier Transportation. We also have a slightly used Jack Daniel's birthday glass--both of which we'd willingly give away if we could come up with worthwhile contest ideas.

In the meantime, three comments are vying for what would have been a great prize: the book My Autobiography by Maker's Mark, which we suppose you must be at least 21 to read. The comments are:

runDMC, responding to Lisa Petty's list of cookbooks: "I sincerely hope all those folks buying Julia's book were already using those incredibly useful sing-a-long cookbooks by Thomas Keller. How many of these ingredients do I have on hand? Hmmm...zip-a-dee-doo-dah. How much does a roll-away double seal vacuum sealer cost? Hmmm...somewhere over the rainbow. Advance preparation required? Hmmm...until the 12th of never."

The always thoughtful tedo pondering Hophead's look at Oktoberfest: "I've always found it amusing that American Craft Brewers are making better and in fact truer examples of Oktoberfest beers than German Brewers are. Ofest beers all use to look like your picture of Franconia's wonderful brew. However about 60 years or so ago (if not longer) German brewers, in response to the popularity of Helles and other lighter beers started to lighten up their Ofest beers. Now there really isn't much difference that I've seen between their Ofest beers and other lighter lagers. Its sad that they've lost a little bit of their tradition."

But we think the book would have gone to TLS, for this revealing snippet posted in response to Girl Drink Drunk: "I have to drink a martini during Mad Men. During the Sopranos I drank red wine. And when I watch Weeds....."

Brilliant stuff.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.