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Andrew Lostetter of Marquee Grill on Snowboarding, Trees and Recovering

In "Dancing in the Light" off the Rolling Stone's re-release of Exile on Main Street, Keith Richards' guitar has a pronounced Southern drawl and Mick Jagger sounds like he was born in East Texas while he complains of a "sinking feeling"...

"You really hit the big time, I really took a dive? I'm running in the rain, you're dancing in the light? I'm waiting for the train, that never will arrive..."

Andrew Lostetter was listening to this song when he was gliding down the Cashier run in Breckenridge, Colorado, this past winter. The night before, the skies opened up and dumped fresh powder on the mountain, creating ideal conditions for snowboarding. Cashier run down Peak 9 is described as "ballroom skiing at its best."

Pine trees line the wide path that's busy with skiers banking left and right down the mountain. Occasionally two runs intersect and a gaggle of trees stand in the middle of these paths. These trees should be avoided.

Lostetter is originally from East Texas, but for the past 15 years has been a bartender in Dallas; first at Fireside Pies, then Neighborhood Services Tavern. He's now the bar manager at Marquee Grill.

He's the youngest of 12 children in a Brady Bunch-like mix; some his, some hers and a few together. His Gypsy soul has always summoned him to travel and seek adventure. He has backpacked around the world, and when he's able to get time off, snowboarding is atop his list.

A little technical note on snowboarding: To prevent oneself from rolling down the side of a mountain while attached to a board, balance is maintained, at times, by having your backside toward the bottom of the mountain. This can be either a hazard or advantage when it comes to trees.

"I was where two paths cross and a guy just kind of tapped me on the side," Lostetter said. "He didn't hit me that hard, and I wasn't going super fast. I actually was moving to avoid a tree, but after I got bumped, I hit it square with my back."

At some point Jagger and Richards was shut off. Maybe just after Jagger told Lostetter:

"My whole world is crashing, I took a violent thrashing, Something to throw the trash, I'm in the garbage dump."

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