Andrew Zimmern vs. Bear Grylls: Genitalia, Sheep Bits and Imminent Death

All jokes aside, no one eats more penis on television than Andrew Zimmern. From cobra to yak penis, Zimmern is the all-time animal wang-devouring king of modern television (using the "find" tool to search "penis" on Bizarre Foods Wikipedia is quite an experience).

After years of watching Zimmern drink blood, devour placenta and -- in a recent episode -- drink snake bile, we decree that there is no TV personality with more nards. Except Bear Grylls.

When it comes to eating the nasty bits of animals and drinking bodily fluids, Grylls is the only comparison. So, naturally, we got artist Kyle Confehr to illustrate the similarities and differences between the two, Venn-Diagram style, based on some basic data, like Zimmern eats the inside of a sheep, and Grylls sleeps inside sheep. Check out the breakdown after the jump.

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Nick Rallo
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