Angry Bees, Angry Pizza and Banh Mi: This Week In Dallas Dining

The weekend is here, which means many of you about about to fill your lives with beer. You should take it easy though, because there's going to be a lot of suds next week on CoA, and then BrewFest happens. Pace yourselves: Drink bourbon instead.

This week I reviewed HG Sply Co. and was let down. A comment on my story offers that Applebee's makes better steak; that's a little harsh, but I wasn't impressed with mine, either. The nachos and the cocktails are worth a tentative visit. Say yes to beet-infused tequila.

Elsewhere, we dropped in on Zoli's opening day and watched the carnage as customers overwhelmed Jay Jerrier's new pizza joint. According to posts on his Facebook page, some of the wrinkles have since smoothed out. Perhaps it's time to get yourself a NY slice.

We also noted the five best seafood restaurants in Dallas, talked to Jeana Johnson about crazy Dragons in Vietnam, and added five more restaurants to our list of the most interesting places to dine in Dallas.

The two food trucks Nammi and Cool Haus are making a restaurant baby at the Valley View Center. You can read about the restaurant on the Eats Blog, and then revel that you don't have to chase trucks around town to get banh mi and ice cream sandwiches, though the original trucks will continue to roll.

Over on Side Dish, Nancy Nichols found the strangest pizza. It's covered with slices of filet mignon. She also declared Boulevardier Dallas' best brunch.

Finally, watch this video I just found on DallasFoodOrg. See if it does anything to your stomach, and don't forget to WATCH OUT FOR BEES!!!

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