Announcing The Libertine American Craft Beer Dinner Winner

Thanks to everyone who contributed their suggestions on which beer to drink in toasting a Mavericks return to the NBA Finals in this item about three upcoming beer dinners.

Nick made a valid Rick James-endorsed point and appealed to our love of hops with his suggestion of Sierra Nevada Celebration. Shane Stephens suggested a couple of highly acclaimed and rare beers to toast the occasion -- but good luck finding either in the city whose team we'd be celebrating (anyone holding Saint Sixtus Trappist Westvleteren 12 or Russian River's Pliny the Elder, while we're on the topic?). And Nowitzness made a very strong argument for Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 11, appealing to Texas pride (even if Saint Arnold founder Brock Arnold is a Rockets fan) and our love of JJ Barea.

But this team is all about the Big German, and Spaten Optimator is a big German beer. So congratulations to Coleman, and thanks again to the Libertine Bar for the tickets.

Seats are still available, by the way. Dinner starts at 7 p.m. Check the menu here and reserve your seat at 214-824-7900.

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