Another Farmers Market Wilts

A co-founder of the Eat Green DFW blog, who earlier this month told City of Ate he suspected the sudden glut of farmers' markets might prove unsustainable, this weekend announced the closing of another local market.

Markets atFirewheel Town Center and West Village didn't open as usual this Saturday, Brian Cummings reports.

"With somewhere upwards of two dozen markets running in the DFW area...there just may not be enough farmers and/or customers to go around," Cummings wrote on his blog.

According to Cummings, the Four Seasons Market at Firewheel was done in by failed negotiations and flagging shopper traffic. While market manager Vince Hirth wasn't able to reach a financial agreement with Firewheel management, he told Cummings his markets in Allen and Addison will continue to operate.

West Village spokeswoman Katie Beal predicts a similarly stable future for her development's market, which she says was rescheduled rather than canceled. Eleven of the market's 20 vendors are participating in Taste of West Village on Tuesday night.

Although Cummings writes that vendors have told him that "finding extra hands to sell for them at another Saturday market was problematic," Beal says the Saturday market will continue to run through the fall.

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