Appetite For Instruction: 4-Alarm Wake Up Call (Cocktail)

Demonstrated by Jana Miller

Jana Miller wants you to step away from the cheap sparking wine.

A recent city wide epidemic of mimosa-centric brunch specials indicates a troublesome trend in post-party drinking preferences. Seemingly overnight, Dallasites have supplanted their traditional tonics with cloying nursery concoctions containing about as much hair of the dog as a half-full Bartles & Jaymes. These pastel fizzies have neither the might nor the muscle to cut through a dense a.m. fog.

Miller, bartender extraordinaire from II Charlies in Denton, is ready to share what might be the antidote to this puny poison...and it's not for the faint of heart. Don't let her sweet face fool you: the 4-Alarm Wake-Up Call is an old-school eye-opener that will put a spring back in your step and a few extra hairs on your chest.

This thing packs a hell of a punch.

Step 1: Fill a 16 oz. tumbler with ice and layer in the following: 2 dashes Cholula, 1 tsp. Sriracha sauce, a pinch of horseradish, 1 tbsp. olive brine, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of pepper and the juice of half a lime. Miller notes that all measurements are "to taste". How much waking up did you need today?

Step 2: Add 2 oz. Absolute Peppar.

Step 3: Add a splash of Guinness and fill with tomato juice--but there won't be much room left. Miller finds traditional Bloody Marys far too sweet, and this recipe is her solution to the problem.

Step 4: Toss back and forth with a cocktail shaker, but do not shake!

Step 5: Pour into a glass rimmed with equal parts kosher salt, celery salt and black pepper. Garnish as desired. Sip and discuss why the A.F.I. staff had to head outside the city limits to find a brunch drink of this potency.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.