Appetite For Instruction: Tiramisu Latte

Recipe Demonstrated by Brady Cottle of Urban Dog Coffee

The workplace can be tricky. When you're first hired on at a new job you cross your fingers hoping you won't have to share an office with a bunch of Dwight Schrute wannabes. You say a little pray before you step off the elevator wishing you won't sit next to that one person who likes to invade your personal space with his early morning breathe and obnoxious jokes.

I have been lucky to find the exact opposite of that here at the DO headquarters. My coworkers supply the laughs on never-ending days, and now they have struck gold within my heart by helping me discover a treasure a few blocks away from our office, Urban Dog Coffee.

The second I stepped foot into Urban Dog Coffee I felt good vibes all around and knew this was no ordinary coffee shop. Brady Cottle, owner of Urban Dog, began to tell me that of everything that was sold at the shop a certain percentage was donated to a non-profit organization. That means for every cup of coffee someone purchases, seven percent of the asking price is given to one of the twelve local non-profit organizations that the coffee shop has ties with.

As Brady puts it "we're trying to save the world with one cup of coffee at a time."

Urban Dog Coffee also sells scarves (handmade from one of his employee's wives) and beaded necklaces, among many other things, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting other non-profits. Urban Dog's coffee is also locally roasted and their way of doing things is very old school. There are no push buttons like you might see at other coffee chains, and the employees are part baristas and part militant activists.

Today we have Brady Cottle demonstrating one of his favorite coffee drinks, Tiramisu Latte.

Step 1: Combine one pump of Ghirardelli caramel, one pump of Ghirardelli white chocolate and one pump of cinnamon syrup in a coffee cup.

Step 2: Add a dash of fresh cinnamon and one cup of steamed milk.

Step 3: Add two shots of espresso, then top with a caramel drizzle and cinnamon. Now you're on your way to a tastier, wired future.

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Sarah Johnson
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