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Architects Head to Sushi Restaurant to Examine Relationship Between Food and Space

Forget paint colors and place mats: When professional architects analyze a restaurant's ambiance, they're generally most interested in how their colleague successfully dealt with fire codes and ductwork regulations.

Non-architects are invited this Thursday to the Dallas Fish Market for what should be a revealing discussion of restaurant design, sponsored by the Dallas Center for Architecture. While professionals are welcome too, the organization stresses community outreach.

"We're going to get there, gather, drink wine and talk about the relationship of food to space," program director Greg Brown says.

The center plans to host similar "Appetite for Design" forums three to four times a year, but hasn't yet selected future venues. Downtown's Dallas Fish Market presents an interesting starting point, Brown says, because it's located in a historic building.

"We'll hear from the architects from 5gStudio on their recent work to renovate the space...with special attention to the challenges presented by a landmarked building," the center's website promises.

The Dallas Fish Market recently completed a re-renovation, and is now working on developing an outdoor space.

"They're going to spill out on to the sidewalk," Brown says.

Tickets to the event are $25. Wine's poured at 6 p.m.; the discussion begins 30 minutes later.

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Hanna Raskin
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