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Are You Really That Bummed Out You Didn't Get Your Free Slurpee Yesterday?

When I got home last night, my son asked if I went to the next-door 7-Eleven for my free Slurpee. I told him, sorry, I forgot about the giveaway. He didn't: 'Round 4 yesterday he and my wife stopped by the Preston Forest location, only to find they were all sold out. At which point they bought a small, because, right, who wants to tell a 7-year-old he's Slurpee outta luck. Turns out, he wasn't the only one. Far from it.

The One Arts Plaza-based 7-Eleven's been inundated with complaints from the empty-handed and is asking folks to either call this number (1-800-255-0711) or visit this customer-relations website, which has been timing out for hours.

I talked to Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven's corporate communications director, earlier today about the run-out. Said she: "We gave away more than 5 million Slurpees yesterday, and the interest and the response was even more than we expected. Five million was a record. I heard of stores giving away Slurpees giving away in little, in coffee cups, in whatever they could find. It was just the biggest Slurpee day we've ever had. A lot of people were also going after work, taking their kids, and by then all the cups were gone or there were problems with the machines."

She says some folks who call in might get coupons for free drinks. "Because," she says, "who wants to live without Slurpees?"

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