Arlington Mayor Bets Barbecue on Rangers' Playoff Chances

City of Arlington staffers are looking forward to feasting on coconut shrimp and grilled mahi mahi if the Rangers stay ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Mayor Robert Cluck this week made his second-ever edible sports wager, offering the mayors of Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg a dinner from Spring Creek Barbecue should the Florida team prevail in the division play-offs. If the Rangers win, Cluck will receive a gift basket from the Columbia and Cha Cha Coconuts restaurant chain.

Cluck sent a Spring Creek Barbecue package to Prince George's county executive Jack Johnson last month after the Redskins upset the Cowboys.

Cluck's assistant Angie Summers says she e-mailed Johnson's office to make sure the 'cue made it safely to Maryland.

"I never heard back," she says. "So I guess they didn't care after they won."

If Cluck had collected on the bet, he'd have received a crab bomb, an oversized cake of jumbo lump crab. He's apparently hoping the Rangers will help him sate his unconsummated craving for shellfish. A release quotes Cluck as saying, "We're looking forward to having seafood!"

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