At Cane Rosso, Tryouts for a Mike Napoli Pizza

Yes, it's another post about Il Cane Rosso. Yes, I'm conflicted about the amount of real estate devoted to the Deep Ellum pizza maker. But this time it's about a badass catcher, so it's a must.

Dallas Morning News sports writer Evan Grant recently bellied up to the pizza bar for a "Name a Napoli Pizza" contest. Along with Il Cane Rosso top dog Jay Jerrier, they have whittled through a pile of grease-stained pizza recipes to come up with three nominees for a Napoli-inspired pizza. Tonight at 7 p.m. you can sample a little of each and give them your input. What they'll actually do with your input really isn't clear, but it's all for fun, so who cares.

The first pie is "Take it like a Napoli Pie," created by Camille Broadway. The first ingredient, tomato sauce, is for "Napoli's willingness to get crushed in the line of duty." It's finished off with mozzarella di Bufala because, Broadway wrote, "I'm pretty sure Cabrera is the size of a small water buffalo."

Doug Fusella submitted the "Napoli Experience." His calls for spinach for Nap's strength, but at the bottom relents that the pie is missing a quarter. "Since Mike (Napoli) is a Heat fan, we know they can only handle the first three quarters."

Local Rangers blogger Jamey Newberg and creator of The Newberg Report is in the game too. The "Napoli Ever After" with artichokes for "R.T. Chokes - Napoli went 4 for 5 in 2011 off Angels righthander Rich Thompson, his old teammate ... with two doubles and a home run among his four hits."

Oh, and then there's this: Pitches and catchers report in two weeks.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.