This is the plate you want.
This is the plate you want.
Chris Wolfgang

At Chasin' Tail in Lake Dallas, Too Few Puns, Too Chewy Brisket but Some Killer Sausage

Chasin' Tail's new location, just across the Lewisville Lake bridge in Lake Dallas, is easy to find, marked as it is by a large pink pig-shaped smoker out front. I visited recently, and the sophomore in me was disappointed at the missed opportunity with the menu: no "Meat Three Way" or "Nice Sausage Platter" on the menu at all. Other than an all-you-can-eat option called the "Tail Chaser," 23-year-old me was left wanting.

I was left wanting when it came to the brisket, too. It was dry and chewy, and even some sauce couldn't revive it. It's hard to say where it went wrong, but if I had to guess, the brisket could be cooked longer and allow the fat and collagen to break down.

The pork products saved my trip. The pulled pork was above average, and the ribs, although lacking some seasoning and smoke, were nearly fall off the bone tender. I found the sausage to be the best meat of the bunch.

There are some gems in the side dishes, too. I had the macaroni and cheese and green beans, while my better half chose the fried cabbage and garlic cheddar potatoes. Both of her choices were tasty surprises; I wish there was a touch more garlic in the potatoes, but the fried cabbage was a revelation, and had bits of the tasty sausage mixed in.

Whatever tail chasing and meat smoking that goes on happens somewhere in the back, sight unseen. I placed my order at a small counter in the back corner, then grabbed one of the dozen or so vacant tables in the overly bright dining room. Two TVs were showing NASCAR talking heads attempt to fill air time while a race was in a rain delay. Fortunately, I wasn't made to suffer long before someone brought the food directly to our table.

In my single days, I never had the pleasure to wake up in Lake Dallas after a night of questionable behavior. If you do, or otherwise find yourself in the area for more noble reasons, there are worse choices than Chasin' Tail. If you're feeling remorseful, the brisket won't help, but there are plenty of other choices in which to drown your shame.

Chasin' Tail BBQ 601 S. Lake Dallas Drive Lake Dallas, TX 75065 (940) 321-0524 www.chasintailbbq.com

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