At Mama Fays BBQ, Ask Ernie for His Sausage-and-Brisket Sandwich (and Prepare to be Happy)

The only thing more exciting than discovering delicious off-the-menu items at a restaurant might be finding savory morsels where there's no menu to begin with. Or even better, discovering such tasty treats after a few PBRs, which is exactly what happened to us Saturday night at the Double-Wide.

One would have to be sense-deprived to miss the large black wood-burning pit, stationed front-and-center near the Double-Wide's fenced-in patio. The aroma of slow-cooking meat alone was enough to capture our attention.

Mamma Fays BBQ & Home Cooking can be found parked outside the Double-Wide on Friday and Saturday nights, serving up what's arguably some of the best barbecue in town. Owners Ernie and Francine Williams are usually standing post, grilling up a storm while laughing and chatting with bar-goers.

The ribs, sausages and beef brisket are tender and juicy and sweet and spicy and everything barbecue is supposed to taste like. But we asked Ernie to make us his personal favorite, and he obliged, stacking one sausage link and a hearty portion of sliced beef brisket between two pieces of white bread before smothering the sandwich in their handmade barbecue sauce and hot and mild sauce.

While we wouldn't recommend it for those at the bar trying to pick up a nightcap buddy -- the barbecue combination oozed everywhere, and the sauce's bite lingered on our lips for hours -- it completely satisfied our beer-incited appetites.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.