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At Oak Cliff's Spiral Diner, It's Another Year and Another Vegan Pancake Contest

Dallas's greatest invitation to eat way too much food, and zero meat, is back again for a third year, coming up at Spiral Diner's third anniversary celebration in Oak Cliff on Sunday, February 20.

Spiral tweeted the news late last month, and I reached Sara Tomerlin this afternoon to confirm the details. The contest's at 4 p.m., no advance sign-up required. Other than that, she says, the rules are simple: "Five minutes to eat as much as you can."

I caught the contest for their first anniversary in 2009, where Eric Mason and Mario Sanchez ran neck-and-neck through a series of tie-breakers before Mason finally pulled out a win. This time around, Tomerlin says the mark to beat is last year's 17-pancake performance by James Magruder.

Spiral's pancakes make a fine non-competitive meal, too -- they're all-you-can-eat at the Sunday brunch -- and while they're vegan like everything else on the menu, with organic unbleached white flour, whole wheat flour and soy milk, they're high in the running for the best in town, dairy-free or not.

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Patrick Michels
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