At Ranch at Las Colinas, Hit the Petting Zoo, Then Eat the Cow

I'm wary of promoting too many events, since they often suck. But this one caught my eye, especially if you have little ones who enjoy fancy dining and nothing on your docket. Kids ought to know that hamburgers don't come from from Styrofoam trays covered in plastic wrap, but from cows instead.

Here's the deal:

Please join us at The Ranch at Las Colinas tonight at 6 pm for this fun event. We will have all of our vendor/ partners present showcasing their goods from live farm animals out front (cow, pigs, chickens, lamb and horses), to display tables with samples for the public to try like a farmer's market. The event starts at 6 p.m. thru 7:30 for the farmer's market/ petting zoo.

Many chefs I've talked to pay lip service to local sourcing. Their menus claim they use fresh and local ingredients, then supplement the claim with "wherever possible." What results is a kitchen stocked not much differently than any other restaurant, supplemented with some mixed greens from one local farm.

But the Ranch at Las Colinas seems to take ingredient-sourcing a bit more seriously. The menu lists more than 20 locally sourced ingredients and their locations -- though they won't get any credit for calling Dr Pepper local from me.

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