Ayo of The Edge's Top 5 Low Carb Diet Saviors

Disc jockeys work their asses off. While we're listening to a song, they're racking up breaks and answering the phone. While we're pressing the seek button during commercials, they quickly record and edit contest winner calls before scribbling down log information for the FCC folks. Even when they jabber away live, they're likely fending off a salesperson anxious to make a last second ad copy change. Seems they never sit still.

But they spend a lot of time on their posteriors, nonetheless.

With that in mind, Ayo of KDGE The Edge's midday show presents his top 5 low carb diet saviors.

1. Mooyah's "Iceberger" double meat with cheese
2. Jimmy John's Subs' gourmet smoked ham club "unwich"
3. P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps with chicken
4. Flying J Truckstop's meatball skewers
5. 7-Eleven's cheeseburger dog (ditch the bun) and a Crystal Light slurpee

--City of Ate staff (and Ayo)

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