Bad Burgers, Hookahs, Vegans
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As the city descends into crisper temperatures and adopts an orangey hue, seasonal ingredients are rolling into grocery stores while local chefs and food fans are reacting accordingly. So what else is new?

Dallas Morning News Leslie Brenner crowns Sharaku Sake Lounge as "excellent: One of the finest restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth." I'm glad that it delivered so well, but I was looking forward to making some sort of "skewered" pun.

Eats Blog Kim Pierce reports a new Whole Foods Market in Fairview. Coming in November, you'll have a one-stop-shop for exceptional produce, wines and other impossibly tasty foodstuffs.

Pierce also noted that Texas Rio Star grapefruits are starting to reappear in grocery stores. So through January, I'll be able to enjoy more than a glass of water and a breath mint for breakfast.

Sidedish Nonna is serving up lobster rolls and a few other sandwiches for lunch on Fridays, says Nancy Nichols. And they look so startlingly delicious that I have nothing else to say.

Tim Rogers has a story to tell about the world's first solar-powered chili cookoff. Or at least he will after he judges it this weekend.

Pegasus News For some, moving into autumn means getting some cinnamon-flavored Plug-Ins, depositing a softened pumpkin on the doorstep and dressing up in scarves, even if the temperature is still in the mid-80. For Tiffany Derry and her team at the Go Fish Ocean Club, it means penning a new fall menu, borrowing from proteins, ingredients, combinations and flavors across the globe. And still maybe scarves, but their fashion sense is irrelevant.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. managed to snag zoning approval from Dallas. The Brewery's mastermind John Reardon can't wait to get his

Chowhound If Dallasites can't come to an agreement over religion, politics or hamburgers, how much hope is there hope for a best tortilla? Not much, but the discussion is much friendlier when you minus Jesus and In-N-Out from the equation.

You know that place everyone loves and you can't figure out why? Chowhound knows all those places. And disagrees with you on most of them.

Dallas Vegan Let's cut the fat and get to the meat of the story. Next week is Vegan Week! Prepare yourselves accordingly by making reservations at one of the six Dallas restaurants who have created special menus for the occasion.

Your Own City of Ate Alice Laussade breaks down the five best and worst Halloween treats. I have enough pencils and peppermints in my life. You know what I don't have enough of? Cavities and joy. Read the post and hop to, neighbors.

Nick Rallo names the Five Horrible Novelty Burger trends. Most of them are pretty fair, but I still don't understand how a hamburger patty snuggled between two grilled cheese sandwiches doesn't fall directly in the center of the Awesome and Epic Venn diagram.

Kristy Yang finds that although some American interpretations beat their ancestors versions of pho, "no place like home" was unfortunately applicable for Pho 95 in Garland. Not much could save her bowl of greasy, dry-meatballed pho, which looked like the puddles in my backyard after my dad mows the lawn and rinses off the patio.

There was some thumbs-up, thumbs-down action going on with Hanna Raskin and Caesar salads this week. If you've got a taste for something beyond chopped romaine and shredded parmesan, form an opinion on anchovies. And be prepared to defend it.

Conner Howell investigates the hookah trend that has reignited in the food blogs since Stephan Pyles brought Samar to Dallas. Apparently, mere wine parings are for sissies.

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