Baker's Pitmaster To Cook At Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Joe Duncan of Baker's Ribs (aka "that place next to Angry Dog that smells good but always looks closed") will participate in the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party June 13-14 in Madison Square Park, New York City.

Baker's Ribs is, of course, a Dallas Observer favorite, earning the Best of Dallas barbecue award in 2006 (over Readers Choice Dickey's--seriously, what is wrong with you people?) and also topping the slightly less competitive category Best Place To Smell Like Your Lunch in 2004. So we're glad to see Duncan represent the Lone Star State with his Jalapeno Coleslaw and ... err, St. Louis-Style Ribs. He is one of just two Texans (along with Michael Rodriguez of The Salt Lick in Driftwood) among the 15 Pitmasters to showcase their grub.

Hearty congratulations to Duncan and Baker's for the opportunity. And commence comments on who really ought to represent North Texas barbecue in 3 ... 2 ... and ... go!

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