Baking for Good Is Baking Up "Instagrahams" for the Holidays

I'm sure you other Instagram users noted it too. Last Thursday the popular social media site, based on filtered photography, was absolutely inundated with pictures of turkeys, table settings, pies, fall leaves and anything else that was even remotely related to the Thanksgiving holiday.

A bakery based in New York, Baking for Good, has taken notice and is attempting to turn the trend into a little extra holiday revenue. A blog post on The Washington Post, points out they're baking up Instagrahams this season.

For $36 they'll bake you 12 cookies with up to six images printed with soy ink on a thin layer of fondant that's affixed to each cookie. A cinnamon laced dough mimics graham crackers to give them their clever name.

If $36 sounds like a lot for a dozen cookies you should know "Baking for Good" is not just a name. Fifteen percent of the profit from the sales will be donated to your choice of one of 15 causes when you check out.

I'm predicting an overwhelming surge of puppy covered cookies in the coming weeks.

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Scott Reitz
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