Balls: They're What's for Dinner

If you consider yourself a lover of good food, you ought to check out NPR's Food Podcast. Every Thursday they drop 30 minutes highly digestible food news , and while some of it's a little campy, it's mostly quite good.

Last week's podcast featured the next great food trend: meatballs. You can listen to the segment alone here. I'll let you discover the joy of listening to a serious, mature, feminine food journalist Bonny Wolf read a three-minute story that contains the word balls 30 times (yes, I counted). It's Schweddy Balls for a new generation.

The balls are taking New York City by storm, and now in DC a standalone ball shop has taken root in Chinatown. Michel Richard, the celebrated chef of French haute cuisine, coined the restaurant: Meat BALLS. I've been unable to confirm if to-go orders are carried out in a paper sack, but look at this guy's signage. Grade school kids have to get a kick out of that one.

In terms of usefulness I'd place a meatball trend well ahead of cupcakes and cake pops yet decidedly behind burger restaurants and high-end taco stands. The question is: How long will it take this trend to come to Dallas? Would you guys patronize a restaurant whose sole offering was "rounded meats"?


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