Bar Food, Bar Food and More Bar Food: This Week in Dallas Dining

Another weekend is here. If you need plans be sure to check out Lauren's picks for food inspired weekend activities. And don't forget to support your local farmers. White Rock Local Market kicks of the season this Saturday as well.

This week I reviewed Outpost American Tavern. The recent spin on the old Campo space is a good place to grab a beer and a great neighborhood bar. If you're headed to Oak Cliff for bar food though, I think Ten Bells Tavern is a better bet.

Elsewhere on CoA we dug up even more bar food. The Corner Bar on McKinney Avenue is under new ownership, and they're working with some pedigreed ingredients.

The LOT opened this week, if you're looking to check out a place before most of your friends do. And Jay Jerrier announced his plans to cook even more pizza.

I tried to uncover a conspiracy in the bottom of my empty box of Thin Mints, and Gavin Cleaver called foul when Eden put cheese and jam on a cake. The horror!

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviewed Spoon and awarded four stars. I reviewed the same restaurant last week and had similarly nice things to say about the latest from chef John Tesar. Brenner also has a promising first look at the new Belly and Trumpet.

Meanwhile, Side Dish has some more compelling food porn from The LOT, while singing the praises for that tangy zip of Miracle Whip.

Finally, a few months ago I set out in search of puffy tacos. I still haven't found any here in Dallas, but José at the Taco Trail says we might be getting closer. I'm getting tired of waiting. I think I'll have to pull out Robb Walsh's Tex-Mex cookbook and see if I can whip up a batch of my own. Apparently the technique is hard to perfect. If they don't suck, I'll post the results here on CoA. Heck, I might post on them even if they do.

Check back next week to see how I do?

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