Wake up to a barbecue breakfast at Meat U Anywhere.
Wake up to a barbecue breakfast at Meat U Anywhere.
Matthew Martinez

Barbecue for Breakfast? These Barbecue Breakfast Tacos Make Oatmeal Obsolete

If there was one good idea for Andy Sedino to bring with him from his corporate gig at Rudy’s to his own budding Meat U Anywhere empire, it was barbecue for breakfast.

There aren’t a whole lot of similarities between the chopped beef sandwich factory that is Sedino’s former employer and his new craft barbecue shop that now sports locations in Grapevine and Trophy Club, but thank the Brisket God that he decided to open his new venture at 6 a.m. daily. Sedino and crew have been filling the early morning meat void since 2012 with a much more satisfying take on the breakfast taco than the standard bacon-egg-and-cheese, potato-egg-and-cheese refrain.

Make no mistake, the old stand-bys are available and are worth every penny of your breakfast buck (at $3 apiece), but Sedino wasn’t content with standard. The rest of Meat U Anywhere’s breakfast menu is a bigger, better breakfast taco that packs a real barbecue wallop as well.

There are carne guisada and pork guiso options — with potatoes — that give these simple breakfast treats a warm and welcome crunch. There’s chorizo, too, in its own taco or the mutant El Gran Taco ($4), which is also packed with brisket, bacon, potatoes, beans and cheese — as long as you’re cool with going right back to bed after the first meal of the day.

Meat U Anywhere’s pork guiso breakfast taco is barely able to bear the weight of El Gran breakfast taco.
Meat U Anywhere’s pork guiso breakfast taco is barely able to bear the weight of El Gran breakfast taco.
Matthew Martinez

Salsa makes the most sense with those options, but a little of Meat U Anywhere’s Texas Heat barbecue sauce is nothin’ to shake a stick at.

Other options include brisket, egg and cheese or smoked turkey, egg and cheese, both also in taco form. These two pair a little better with barbecue sauce than with salsa, rendering the four tortilla merely the most practical delivery vehicle for your new favorite way to break the fast.

If we had to power rank Meat U Anywhere’s breakfast taco line, the clear No. 1 is El Gran Taco, followed by the carne guisada, then sausage, then everything else. The potatoes are the secret weapon, offsetting your would-be meat coma with some very necessary starch.

While everyone’s got their opinions about Rudy’s, there’s no denying that the gas station/trinket store/sausage wrap assembly line was a jumping off point for the most delicious barbecue breakfast in DFW.

Meat U Anywhere BBQ, 919 Northwest Highway, Grapevine and 91 Trophy Club Drive, Trophy Club

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