BBBop Comes to Greenville Avenue Next Week, and This Time It's Bringing Beer

No, I didn't stutter. It's pronounced "bee bee bop," and the restaurant will open its second location on Greenville Avenue next Monday. The first location has been chugging away further up Greenville Avenue, just past Lovers Lane. I stopped in for an evening snack in anticipation of next week's opening.

First and foremost, BBBop does Korean fried chicken. This was pointless at the first location, because it serves no beer, but this is good news at the second, where suds flow freely. The wings are fried with a very light batter and sauced up with a sticky, sweet and spicy sauce as pictured above. There are also soy ginger, curry ranch, sweet chili and Seoul fire sauces if you want to mix it up.

I also got one of the rice bowls, though for whatever reason there was no rice in it. Instead, the chicken and dumplings came with plenty of chicken breast meat, slices of gluten-turned-dumplings, cabbage and an ocean of sweet and spicy sauce. I inhaled the bowl because it was good and I was very hungry, and I chalked the lack of rice up to the low-carb diet I didn't know I wanted to start, and the fact that I walked into the restaurant just as they were closing.

There are plenty of other bowls, too, featuring flavors like curry, orange, and kimchee applied to chicken, pork, steak and tofu, and snacks range from more dumplings to lettuce wraps, pork belly and more.

If you've been to the first location, you know the drill. Expect an expansive dining room, a more laid back atmosphere and, of course, beer. You can also expect later hours, which is a good thing considering spicy food and beer are on the table here. I could get used to a place like this.

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