Be On the Look Out for Large Groups of Hungry Librarians Lurking in Dallas Restaurants

The Magazine of the American Library Association has been compiling information for prospective attendees to its Midwinter Meeting, hosted here in Dallas at the end of January. The most interesting tidbit the head librarians have offered on their blog? A dining list for librarians, by librarians.

Ever wanted to know where your most bookish counterparts dine? If they're near the convention center, Wild Salsa, Iron Cactus, Truluck's and Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen are recommended. Mi Cocina is on the list, but a smart librarian would head north just a touch and check out Mr. Mesero. I hear they're up to great things.

Anvil Pub, Monica's Aca y Alla, and Cane Rosso all receive nods for Deep Ellum eateries worth a try, and Pizza Lounge gets the Fair Park 'za recommendation.

Vegetarians should hop in a cab and hit up the Spiral Diner and Kalachandji's, according to the list. VSpot might be added -- it's a little closer, and their mushroom tacos are more than worthy.

I wouldn't mind seeing Stackhouse and Goodfriend on there for a compelling burger duo, Herrara's for some killer sour cream enchiladas, and Nonna or Lucia for some great Italian, but Hattie's, Javiers, Kuby's, Bubba's and others round out a list I think does a pretty decent job at compiling some solid Dallas eats.

Who knew librarians were so into food? Maybe I'll stick some Faulkner under my arm and head to the convention center for the Midwinter Meeting and see if I can't find a hot book-worm dining companion.

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Scott Reitz
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