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Bear Paws: A Kitchen Gadget Perfect for Cooks Without Forks or Fingers

I get all sorts of news releases describing gadgets that promise to change a cook's life forever. I delete most of them after a quick look. Often the device can be easily duplicated with a more common kitchen device most of us already have on hand. Other times the tool looks like it will do more harm than good as you prepare your food.

There was a burger press that claimed to tightly pack your patties so they wouldn't fall apart. I ignored that one because the best burgers are always gently packed. Another device promised to simplify cooking eggs for breakfast while camping. That release opened by saying "even camping enthusiasts will admit eating hot dogs for breakfast is gross." I know that isn't true because I just ate a delicious breakfast hot dog courtesy of Brian Luscher. That press release went in the trash can too.

And now I've found Bear Paws.

Let's ignore the fact that you probably already have at least two forks in your cutlery drawer. If you don't, you've really got to make a trip to a kitchen store. What you need is Bear Paws: the molded plastic hand-forks that make picking up and shredding meat like a Marvel Comics super-hero a snap.

I can't stop picturing a crazy uncle at some family picnic, chasing poor kids around with greasy bear claws dripping rendered fat. They're certainly comical. But every time I've shredded a pork shoulder, I've always just used my hands. I've found it's the most efficient way to separate the meat from the fat.

Anyone ever give these a spin?

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