Because We Can't Go Too Long
Without an In-N-Out Reference

In-N-Out's local opening may still be months away, but fast food fans willing to drive to Austin can feast on a sandwich being touted by burger bloggers as an Animal Style alternative.

4x4 Animal Style a contributor to the website GrubGrade who presumably knows his In-N-Out patties, is calling the newest test burger from Wendy's "our answer to Animal Style, minus the long flight."

4x4 is stationed near Providence, the only other market where the double-meat burger's currently available.

A Wendy's spokesman didn't return a call seeking comment, but a print ad for the D.T. Double, named for founder Dave Thomas, describes the sandwich as featuring "two never-frozen beef patties, two slices of melted American cheese, new Signature sauce, hand-cut lettuce, thick tomato slices, sweet red onions" on a "buttered toasted bun."

Nation's Restaurant News asked Wendy's spokesman Denny Lynch to confirm 4x4's report that the burger's selling for $2.79, but he wouldn't comment on pricing.

"It's, by far, still the best bargain on the East Coast," raved 4x4, who wishes Wendy's wouldn't be so stingy with its signature (read: Big Mac knock-off) sauce

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