Beer, Taco Wars, and Matt McCallister: This Week In Dallas Dining

Last week seemed slow: I could hardly find any stories to string together into a Lettuce wrap up. This week, however, I'm having trouble deciding how to fit all of these interesting stories in. Happy hour's in only getting closer, so I better cut to the chase.

This was the week of pink slime for City of Ate. We picked apart the Beef Product Inc. Wall Street Journal ad, and then Rick Perry stepped in to declare his love for the pasty product. To counteract all the processed meat, Lauren wrote a Deep Ellum Urban Garden post, and ran a quick number on Dallas Chef's support of the farm at Paul Quinn College.

Like Chinese pastries? Alex does. He wrote an ode to the art that has me craving red bean paste.

You should also check out Jesse's story on Ballast Point's arrival. He's also compiled a few beer events at the Meddlesome Moth and the Common Table. Since I have beer on my mind, I should probably mention my review of Union Bear: the West Village's finest place to grab a beer. Unless you're a teetotaler (shame) then you can read about this bacon soda we stumbled upon.

On the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner just added a quick post about a sushi movie. Sushi movie people. Have all the "Hunger Games" you want -- I'm all over this one.

Over on Side Dish, it has become very aware that Nancy doesn't like Private Social very much. What bothers me the most is that the restaurant still doesn't seem to care. The noise that plagued the space for nearly half a year has still not been addressed, and issues cited in my review like undercooked pasta were not adjusted either.

The Taco Bots are back! Now there are two taco groups wandering this fine city. I wonder if the Taco Trail people will stage some sort of duel, just like the Jets and the Sharks only with less dancing and more salsa flinging. Speaking of Taco Trailing, Jose found a pork cheek taco.

Robb Walsh has a post on the Texas Food Symposium I'm sad to have missed. But if you look carefully you might recognize a popular local, inked chef plating what looks like a beet salad.

And the Escape Hatch has some details on a new cookbook by Smoke's chef Tim Byers. Two restaurants, and a cook book deal? I wonder who's helping him write it?

Enough with the links. The sun just peaked through the clouds, and it's Friday. Shut down your 'puters, and go grab a beer. We'll be right back here first thing Monday with more booze, more lobster rollin', and some Pho, too.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.