Before You Start Drinking, Relive a Big Week in Dallas Food News

Have you been outside much today? While the weather was nippy this morning, the sun has warmed things up, resulting in some seriously beautiful fall weather. As soon as I get out of here I'm going to grab a thick jacket and engage in some excessive patio drinking.

But before I work on my next food aversion, let's wrap up what happened in food news this week.

Like your donuts with Crunch Berries? Hypnotic Donuts finally found a new home. Soon you'll be able to buy their ridiculous creations seven days a week. And while you're waiting for them to open, we checked out a few new spots, including Stackhouse, Seafood Grill Lazaranda, and a tiny Iraqi bakery in Plano.

While Lauren was talking to David McMillan, the chef at the Screen Door in One Arts Plaza, I was taking a close look at Yelp. You guys jumped into the fray, yielding the most commented post of the week.

I also touched base with DSHS and learned that the red tide might be effecting Texas oysters for quite some time.

Also, our very own Hophead reported on Deep Ellum's first public offering, available next weekend at the Common Table

Leslie Brenner broke up with me. After weeks of reviewing the same restaurant as I did, she reviewed Social 121 and bitched about valet. I don't even have a car and Dallas' love affair with full-service parking pisses me off. I can't blame her. The Eats Blog also warned about pecan prices this winter. Cue sticker shock.

SideDish dumped out Thanksgiving menus from a handful of restaurants -- I do hope you'll cook at home. They also attended one of the media dinners they smeared CraveDFW for covering.

Nancy Nichols reported that Rohst released a new menu to "reinforce their brand and their emphasis on Korean food. Now you can find a teriyaki chicken sandwich and a tuna steak burger next to their signature Korean dishes including Hot Stone Bowls (Bibimbap), Cross-Cut Short Ribs (Galbi), and Rib-Eye Slices (Bulgogi)."


You can read what I think of their new menu here.

My favorite taco blog, Taco Trail, checked out Galindo's Mexican & Seafood. Jose hated on most of the menu but praised Pastor tacos in hand made tortillas. Sounds a lot better than my lunch today.

Wanna Nosh? It's getting easier. The Escape Hatch reports that a third location of the restaurant is in the works, despite the second remaining under construction.

Oh, and while I'm sure you've seen how a pig becomes bacon, I'm quite entertained by Eatocracy's attempt to turn bacon back into a pig.

Grab those hoodies Dallas. It's only getting colder, and starting this weekend it will get dark sooner as well. The fall eating season is upon us; it's time for warm pots of chili and hearty dishes of braised lamb. Just save some room for next week. We'll be back on Monday with a report from Diwali Mela, more chef interviews, and my regular reporting on my ever-expanding waistline.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.