Belgian Beers Taking Over the Taps at Meddlesome Moth

Belgian beers are taking over the taps at the Meddlesome Moth this week. The six-day event features 35 varieties of Belgian-style beer offered by the glass at various prices, or by the five, with a 5-ounce flight for $18. Throughout the week they'll offer collectable glassware that's almost as cool as the Star Wars collectable glassware Burger King offered to tempt you to eat a few extra Whoppers back in the '80s.

Chef David McMillan and his crew have taken to roasting whole animals in their new outdoor pit, so you should expect the event to end with a sizable pig twirling on the rotisserie. Pricing details for the pig special are still in the works but they'll be selling $3 cans of St. Feuillien Saison all day.

Here are the glass giveaways and a few of the beers that stand out:

Monday, July 15: Duvel Triple Hop and Single.

Tuesday, July 16: De Koninck Triple Anniversary Ale.

Wednesday, July 17 : Ommegang Double White

Thursday, July 18: Maredsous 10 (tripel-style).

Friday, July 19: Ommegang BPA.

Other notable beers include Jester King's Le Petit Prince, a super drinkable farmhouse ale; Saison Dupont Cuvee 2013, which is described as quenching and well-carbonated; and the hyper-boozy Van Steenberge Triple Van De Garre, which clocks in at 10.5 percent ABV.

Monitor the Meddlesome Moth's Facebook page for more details.

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Scott Reitz
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