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Believe the Hopdoddy Hype -- #2 Is Coming

Remember this summer when Frankie's closed? You were sad for four seconds and then you went back to browsing cat videos on Facebook. Or maybe your reaction was so devoid of emotion because you were secretly hoping the defunct sports bar would be replaced with something more interesting -- that you'd get another burger joint to patronize.

Why consume anything else, when you can consume burgers?


And that's exactly what happened. Hopdoddy, the Austin based burger-maker, recently announced they will be taking over the old Frankie's space in Uptown. The second Dallas area location is expected to open in April of this year, while a third location is expected in Addison sometime later this summer. Hopdoddy is bringing the heat. And according to, locations in Fort Worth are being scrutinized, too.

Of course if you have to be saddled with more burger joints, Hopdoddy's brand is a decent burden to bear. I reviewed the restaurant in December, 2012, and noted juicy, intensely messy burgers capable of inundating multiple napkins. The burgers bested Liberty Burger in our smackdown series, and the restaurant continues to draw many customers at the first Dallas location at the Preston Center, more than a year later.

All that remains to be seen is whether owner Larry Foles can maintain his level of quality and execution as he continues to scale across multiple locations. If he can, I'd say the folks in Uptown and Addison who have been craving a decent burger that won't break the bank are about to be very happy.

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Scott Reitz
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