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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Czar Hunter Rose Has The Coolest Job: Handing Out Free Cones

If a mega-tornado strikes Oak Lawn or zombies take over the city, there's one thing we here at the Observer won't have to worry about while we're barricaded in the break room: a food shortage. Not only do we have enough of those neon orange crackers to feed everyone for three days, we also get a ton of free food from restaurants and companies that want us to write about the latest dessert trend or the still mind-baffling onion ring mints.

On Friday, Ben & Jerry's dropped off an ice cream cake to promote today's Free Cone Day, an annual event that drew 17,000 customers to the three area locations last year. Press releases are standard side dishes with free food, and Ben & Jerry's had provided all the necessary information one comes to expect in a press release with one notable exception: the contact was Hunter Rose, ice cream czar. You might think Rose was designated the prestigious title because he's some crazy marketing genius with a penchant for Chunky Monkey, but he's actually the owner of the three local Ben & Jerry's locations. As the self-appointed ice cream czar, Rose says has made some marketing folks at Ben & Jerry's wish they had thought of the job themselves. We asked Rose to tell us about what it's like being every kid's hero, and he was happy to indulge us. After the jump, read our interview with Rose, and don't forget to get your free cone at any Ben & Jerry's location from noon to 8 p.m.

All kids scream for ice cream, but were you more obsessed with the treat than most kids? Of course! I had a very cold mother growing up. I was breast fed ice cream.

What are your duties as the ice cream czar? Like Mufasa, I watch over the kingdom. I do help Ben & Jerry's specifically as a member of their franchise board of directors. Generally, my role is to keep the world of ice cream eaters happy and to encourage more ice cream consumers to eat better ice cream. There is a lot of poorly made ice cream out there. We have stayed true in helping to create the category of super premium.

Do you ever eat any other brand other than Ben & Jerry's? Not often. There are only a few really truly super premium brands out there. Most of the rest is not worth the time or calories. Life is short, eat better ice cream.

Ever get brain freeze? Ice cream czars are immune of brain freeze. It has been removed from our DNA over seven generations. However, there is a trick for others to get rid of brain freeze. First, consider turning your ice cream spoon upside down so that the ice cream is put first on your tongue. You will taste more of the flavor this way and help prevent brain freeze. However, if you get brain freeze, immediately press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

If you weren't the ice cream czar, what would you want to do? Probably take over some small warm weather country and proliferate the good will of ice cream. Libya looks like it may become available soon.

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