Dallas' Best Treats to Keep You Cool

A Vietnamese coffee-flavored sno-ball from Ruby's in Old East DallasEXPAND
A Vietnamese coffee-flavored sno-ball from Ruby's in Old East Dallas
Taylor Adams
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The summer of 2020 has been different, but one thing that hasn’t changed: Texas provided plenty of high temperatures.

So over the last two months, we’ve highlighted Dallas spots that have offered the best treats to cool down.

Sure, it’s nearly September, but we know that doesn’t mean fall is here, even if people may soon embrace the indefatigable pumpkin spice trend.

Here’s a roundup of the best items — boozy drinks, frozen treats and smooth concoctions — to cool you off on the still-hot, wanna-be-summer days.

You need this chocolate-dipped strawberry kulfi from Dude, Sweet Chocolate.EXPAND
You need this chocolate-dipped strawberry kulfi from Dude, Sweet Chocolate.
Taylor Adams

Fruit Popsicles

BerryNaked, 5560 W. Lovers Lane (Inwood Village)

Whether it’s from their locations on Lovers Lane or in Legacy Hall, the popsicles here are treats we don’t feel too guilty about. The bright colors in the cooler pop. Drizzles of chocolate along with slices of delicate fruit are downright enticing. Plus, on these hot summer days, they’re a light treat; definitely not an indulgence you’re going to regret for hours after. They're healthy, dare we say it.

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Oreo Shake

Burger House, 6248 E. Mockingbird Lane (East Dallas)

Cookies and cream is a classic combination for a reason, and the Oreo shake coming out the drive-thru window of Burger House is the proper execution of it. It’s thick enough for a spoon; don’t be embarrassed to ask for one. Otherwise, you can feel like you’re really working for it. Or, you can enjoy your fries on the ride home and let the shake hang out and loosen a bit. Either way, it’s thick, sweet, perfectly easy for takeout — and cold.

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Dude, Sweet Chocolate, 408 W. Eighth St., No. 102 (Bishop Arts District)

The chocolate at this North Oak Cliff spot is superior to others. Complement that with a smooth ice cream in popsicle form, and it’s, somehow, even better. Chef Katherine Clapner used East Texas strawberries to make this kulfi dipped in chocolate and chocolate pearls, but she has other flavors we’re crazy about, too, such as the dulce de leche and lemon-violet.

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The chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie-ice cream sandwiches form Haute SweetEXPAND
The chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie-ice cream sandwiches form Haute Sweet
Taylor Adams

Cookie-Ice Cream Sandwiches

Haute Sweet Patisserie, 10230 E. Northwest Highway (Northeast Dallas)

It’s a classic dessert, one that can easily take you back to that hot moment when you get home after a day at elementary school. What’s great about Haute Sweet’s version is you get a superb cookie in this sandwich with soft ice cream from Denton. What may be even better: You can buy a few to keep stashed in your freezer.

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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Lá Me, 8780 Walnut St., No. 140 (Northeast Dallas)

There are plenty of places to get ca phe sua da, and the one at Lá Me is excellent. Dishes at this Vietnamese restaurant are wonderful, too — so order a meal and get yourself this beverage while you wait. The strong, bitter coffee complemented by sweetened condensed milk is a treat you’ll start craving every day. Poured over ice, it’s also the perfect break to cool you off.

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The Pinkies Up cocktail is just the lychee-hibiscus-peach drink we need today.EXPAND
The Pinkies Up cocktail is just the lychee-hibiscus-peach drink we need today.
Uno Immanivong

Pinkies Up Cocktail

Red Stix Asian Street Food, 6501 Hillcrest Ave., University Park

If you grab a meal from the takeout window of Red Stix, you’ll be remiss if you don’t also get one of these frozen Bellini cocktails to go, too. This granita cocktail has Skyy Georgia peach vodka, lychee, bitters, lime and hibiscus for a beverage that’s as drinkable as a Slurpee.

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Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard, 101 E. Abram St., No. 120, Arlington

The ice itself is special because unlike a snow cone where syrup is poured over ice, at Rita’s the flavor is added to the water before it is frozen (in the batch), so the first bite of ice has as much flavor as the last. There's no bland ice at the bottom of the cup or slice on top missed by the syrup drizzle. And getting a sweet custard on it isn’t crazy; it’s so good.

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Ruby’s Uno-Balls, 1605 N. Haskell Ave. (Old East Dallas)

This was one of our favorite foods this summer, and it’s good enough to have all year long. Ruby’s is serving this frozen treat that originated in New Orleans in the 1930s: You don’t get the sharp, super-crunchy ice here. Instead, you get a soft, snow-like texture from block ice that’s finely shaved. The best part is the flavors created from fresh fruit.

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Classic Shaved Ice

TC Shaved Ice, 10999 Garland Road (Lochwood)

It may be super sweet, but when the temperature hits just the right number, shaved ice from a more than 30-year-old establishment hits the spot. This drive-up window in East Dallas has been serving Styrofoam cups of goodness for decades, and we’re glad to still see it slushing along.

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