Best of Dallas 2009: Back To Basics In the Kitchen

If Vimeo isn't cooperating, or if you prefer, you can check out the video here on YouTube.

In keeping with this year's "We Can Do It!" theme, focused on people doing great things in Dallas in the middle of a rough year for the country, Dave's story in the Best of Dallas issue (out on the street now!) focuses on a handful of chefs who keep a lower profile than the mega-chefs and reality TV personalities who get most of the attention.

You'll hear about that, and the success of the local food movement, from eight of those chefs who were good enough to come out to Dealey Plaza for our photo shoot--that's right, a shooting at Dealey Plaza--on an especially hot afternoon. For the record, you'll see appearances by Sarah Johannes ("best new chef" winner for her work at "best fancy restaurant" Five-Sixty), Graham Dodds (from Bolsa, home of our "best pizza by another name"), Randy Morgan ("best seafood" winner Dallas Fish Market, Julian Barsotti (Nonna), Jean-Marie Cadot ("best new restaurant" winner Cadot), Christopher Short ("best restaurant bar scene" winner Bella), and Randall Copeland and Nathan Tate ("best reason to get out of town" winner Ava).

For a more visual take on the Best of Dallas food, don't miss this slideshow highlighting a few more of our picks.

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