Bet You Can't Get This Right: Match the Chef
To The Plate

There was no shortage of ways to support Dallas Farmers Market Friends at last night's lively Hoedown, the organization's 16th annual fundraiser featuring food and drink from across Texas: Attendees could buy souvenir wine glasses, purchase spins on a wheel of chance or bid in a silent auction.

But perhaps the most interesting giving opportunity was the popular chef-painted plate raffle, in which $25 bought a shot at taking home a plate designed by a local culinary celeb. For $50, donors could claim a plate outright: By 8 p.m., plates by Graham Dodds of Bolsa and Parigi's Janice Provost and Chad Houser were gone.

So is there a connection between cooking and drawing? Does a detail-oriented chef necessarily dabble in pointillism? Do molecular gastronomists paint in a cubist style? These plates may not provide definitive answers, but they at least supply a parlor game for folks who weren't at last night's event (although, judging from the crowds that thronged the Food and Fiber Pavilion, that might be a rather small group.)

Ready? After the jump, match the plates to the chefs. (A few of the images are misshapen because identifying information's been removed.)

A. Matt McCallister, Stephan Pyles B. Tim Byres, Smoke C. Nathan Tate, Restaurant Ava D. Sharon Hage, York Street E. Joel Harloff, The Green Room

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.