Bigger Burgers Are Better, But When Is Enough Enough?

It's all things The Grape this week (who, incidentally released their September menu last night). Of course, when talk turns to this Lower Greeville standby, it naturally leads to in-depth burger discussions. Yesterday I blogged about how The Grape's burger became Texas' most coveted sandwich. Commenter Beda chimed in with this:

Although I loved the burger because its taste was closest to the ones I make at home on a charcoal grill (and is my favorite), I also thought it was too big (and I'm not 9). Even cut in half, it was hard to manage; it ruins the fun of eating a burger if you have to eat it with a knife and fork.

The patty clocks in at 10 ounces, which is sizable, and almost unmanageable. But with some careful planning and deft skills I was able to get mine down without utensils. I did wonder while I was eating if we were starting to push some boundaries with the massive hunk of meat.

Burgers that grow outwards (a thin, wide patty) instead of upwards are easier to manage with your hands, but I'm curious:

How big can a burger get before it becomes a chore?

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